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Should I take more AP classes in my senior year?

I am a rising senior planning on taking 2 AP classes in Senior Year: AP Physics C and AP Comp Sci A.

I was wondering if I should up my course load with additional APs or not. Here's the 2 classes that I would be swapping out:

1st, I am taking Orchestra, which I am really passionate about and have been involved in for all of high school. (I auditioned and was accepted into the top group btw).

2nd, I am applying premed. So I am taking a class called "Biotechnology," which is neither AP nor Honors but it honestly sounds really intriguing.

I would be interested in taking:

AP Chemistry, AP Econ, AP Spanish Lang.

My other senior year coursework is a Linear Algebra course since I finished AP calculus and multivariable calc already, as well as a college level English class as I have no more AP English classes available to take.

So far I have taken these APs: Human Geography, Modern World History, Calc AB, Calc BC, Biology, U.S History, Language and Composition, Psychology, Literature and Composition, U.S Government.

My Scores are generally 5s or 4s, about 50/50 each and all As in AP classes.

Also, I'm applying to Stanford, should I submit any 4s or below? And most importantly, would the extra stress be valuable to me or my application? Thanks so much to anyone who is reading this, I know it takes time out of your day:)!

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2 days ago

I recommend taking a middle of the road approach by just swapping the Biotechnology class for AP Chemistry. AP Chemistry will look better on your transcript, since it is a more rigorous class and is more foundational for pre-med students. At the same time, continuing with your orchestra class will allow you to continue fostering your impressive musical talent.

You should submit any AP score that is 3 or above, since any score within this range will only help your application. Some schools will also give you credit for 3s. Hope this helps!


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