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How many IB classes should I put on my profile?

I attend an international school in Europe that uses the International Baccalaureate (IB) system, where we take 6 classes + Theory of Knowledge (a mandatory philosophy class that's has only 1/3 the # weekly sessions and 1/5 the final diploma value as the other six main classes).

My question is about how to reflect this on my CollegeVine profile. When playing around with the simulator and inputting values of 6 or 7, I've found that several of the more prestigious universities' profiles say that my coursework 'needs some improvement'. However, this is out of my hands as our school system dictates we take these 6/7 classes for two years, no more or no less.

I've taken some of the most rigorous of these classes that are available (Higher Level Maths AA, for example), making my coursework as strong as possible. However, the warnings still do pop up sometimes, and never have I gotten an 'excellent' grade.

Perhaps this stems from the input box reading 'AP/IB classes taken'? I don't find this to be a great equivalency — Internet searches tell me that the average # of AP classes taken is eight, and students at very selective universities usually take 7-12 — an impossibility for me.

How can I more accurately reflect the strength of my IB coursework in the engine? Do I just double my number since IB classes are for two years and AP ones for one?

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Figured out the answer by doing some searching in the CollegeVine forums, the answer should be 12. I'll leave this question up in case anyone is thinking about the same issue.

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I have recently learnt from a UCLA admissions officer that the IB Diploma is so fundamentally incompatible with the American educational system, and the American notion of courses in particular, that there isn't really a great way to input it at all. I would just put in your 6 main courses at IBs, under the understanding that the results you're gonna get out of the chancing engine will probably be garbage. (Even more so than they are if you filled your profile out the intended way.)

However, understand that actual, human admissions officers have the necessary experience to interpret your IB Diploma performance accurately.


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