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Repetition of Extracurricular Activities

I want to ask a question about my essays. After making drafts for my UC PIQs, I realized that most of the activities I mentioned in the essays have already been mentioned on the activity section. But I really want to tell specific stories and events that happened on those extracurriculars that I couldn’t share through the activity list.

Do you think it’s a better idea to just choose another topic or stay with current topics? Is it a bad thing to make essays out of activities that I already mentioned on the activity list?


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Since you are highlighting specific stories about your extracurriculars that are not explained through your activities list, you can certainly mention your ECs in your essays. An overlap in topics is fine so long as there is no overlap in the details you write about in both sections. So long as your activities played an instrumental role in shaping who you are as a person, colleges want to hear about them in your essays! Hope this helps!


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