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Should I add a portfolio detaling what I was involved in?

The portfolio would consist of journaling, theatre competition videos, and debate stuff, that I have done throughout my high school career. The thing is I am not applying to major in any of these things but I still want to give the admissions something they can physically look at and not just words from the EC/ activities list that I was heavily involved in.

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Most colleges will not allow you to submit such a portfolio - portfolio submissions are typically only allowed for applicants who are planning on majoring in art, theater, or music. Even in cases where you are allowed to submit portfolio materials without majoring in the arts, I would advise against it. Portfolios only help you if you are truly exceptional in your craft. Even though your work over the years is surely very impressive, it might not look as impressive as you'd hope if admissions officers compare it to, for example, the portfolio of an applicant who lives and breathes for theater. A portfolio submission will harm you in this case, while not submitting one will have no effect on your application and is the safer bet.

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