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How to raise my GPA to get into a good University?

Hi, I am going to be senior and my GPA is at a 3.69 unweighted. It had dropped because my grades from first semester of junior year, due to health problems and mental health issues as well. I'm barely finishing up summer school to make up my D in math, but I can't retake my AP Stat grade. My senior year I'm planning on taking two community college classes, pre-calc honors, AP Gov and maybe AP Lit. I'm in some extracurricular activities and volunteer at hospital. My counselor suggest to do the insight questions when I apply to UC's and maybe go to community college for my general ed's and transfer.

What would you suggest to what I can do to raise my GPA or suggest when I apply to university? Also, should I do the SAT or ACT, I know UC's and CSU's will not make required due to COVID-19. However I don't know if I should still try to at least do it.

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2 years ago

I think you need to decide if you are okay at not getting into UCLA, UC Berkeley, CAL SLO, etc because your grades aren't there right now. I'm sure you will get into a state school just maybe not the top 5 of them. That being said you can either listen to your counselor and get grades up in CC and then transfer in or take a chance yourself and study like a mad dog and get a 1450+ SAT or 33+ ACT score this summer and fall. That's probably worth more than a bump in your grades next semester. What do you have to lose except time, effort, and some fun? But since we are supposed to be in lockdown you have no reason not to try. If you decide to go for it get the College Panda books and the Eric Meltzer book for reading. Also, sign up on Kahn Academy if you are doing the SAT. You are going to have to make this your job for about 10 weeks minimum and take a practice test every Sat at 8 AM so like 10 practice tests and study all the problems you miss and keep a notebook of it. There are plenty of highly motivated youtube seniors who did this so watch the videos if you need some inspiration. Getting all the books you need will be like $150-$200 but that's nothing compared to the opportunity cost of not getting into your college of choice. If you have a test score, that will give you an advantage in State over someone who doesn't submit one. Good Luck!

2 years ago

You raise your GPA by taking difficult courses and getting As in them which it seems like you plan to do. I would recommend that you take the SAT or the ACT because your GPA may be on the lower side for Berkeley and UCLA and a 1500+ could really benefit you. Definitely apply for universities this fall to see if you get into the schools that you want to. Then you can make a decision whether you should transfer from community college or not.


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