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What are the best colleges I can do considering my gpa?

I have a 3.23 GPA unweighted with a 3.38 weighted my sophomore year of high school I struggled but this past year I have received a 3.75 GPA overall. I have volunteered at least 50 hours for helping manage a basketball team which is one of the best in the state of California. I have also started a non profit tutoring group that donates all the money that is received back to people in need of it. I have also started a basketball website and even done more in my years of high school, what colleges do you guys think I can get into with my upward trend in GPA. I didn’t take the SAT/ACT because it currently isn’t an option.

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If I'm reading your question correctly, that means your cumulative unweighted GPA (which is the best proxy for chances) is about a 3.5? It should be reasonable for you to apply to most Cal State schools and the mid-tier UCs (definitely Santa Cruz and Riverside, and maybe even Irvine/Davis/SB/SD). In terms of private schools, depending on demographics, the highest you'd have a reasonable chance at is probably places like George Washington University, Fordham, or Baylor — schools that are selective but not extremely so.

4 years ago

Are you a coach for the team or are you a water boy/helper

If you are a coach that drastically improves your chances.

If a water boy/helper that doesn’t lower your chances per say but some of the reach schools may be not viable.

Assuming stay in west

Some schools I would suggest are Wyoming really undervalued and fairly cheap (WUE) rural area

AZ/AZ St both are excellent in academic well known sports a bit expensive and is really hot really metro area

Oregon a blend of affordability and academics

Wash St/ E Wash near Spokane a superb combo between Oregon’s traits and college town

San Diego St

San Jose St

Job market and instate

If you keep improving gpa

Washington great post grad opportunity but selective

If you want midwest any school that is in a Power 5/Group of 5 conference is a good bet

Depends on what type of campus you want

Also NDSU is worth mentioning

North East

Penn St

Superb academics college town in between Philly Pitt NYC so good opportunities

NC St kinda expensive but really good school blend between college town and big city


U Houston any stem field great opportunities

Memphis a bit of everything fairly cheap

And SEC schools as a whole excluding Vandy

PS I don’t really like California’s Public universities as an out of state student but as I’m not interested in going to cal I can’t speak but they are good schools I just don’t really like them but they can be a good opportunity

Also this all depends on major, campus preference (college town/city) etc take a look at CV find a school and play with the filters

I prefer public research schools so I am biased but big future niche all have great college search tools

For finding what major you want to study Take the myamjors (very top one) queationarre


U Iowa has just about every major and this is the best I could find

Hope this helps!

Comment if you want clarification

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