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I share my bedroom with my 11 year old brother. having school on zoom was really hard because we both study in our bedroom and the sounds from our laptop speakers really distract both me and my brother to understand the lessons each of us were listening to. Other than that, there isn't any other room/area in my house that is suitable for studying (my room is the only room that has a desk for me to study) and it's not possible for me to go and find a library or coffee shop for alternate places to study in because of the pandemic.

As a result i tend to miss some important details that my teacher mentioned on the lectures that i can't search up on the internet when i re-learn the materials before a test. Me and my brother use one really long desk together so studying space was never a problem, but since i can't really separate the desk for me to use it in another room, i decided to use what i have (ironing table, chair, etc) to make my own temporary studying room while i wait to buy a new desk just for me. it was really comforting to finally study in peace again even though i had to temporarily study in the clothesline room.

My question: Is this a good enough theme for my UC " challenge that affected my academic achievement" essay?


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2 years ago

While the pandemic is a very general challenge (and one that is likely to appear on tons of applications this year), speaking about your desk set up and workspace is a lot more specific, personal, and concrete — all the tenets of a strong essay theme!

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