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What type of colleges should I apply to? What's my GPA?

I got A(Maths), B (Chemistry), C ( Physics) in A Levels. (what will be my GPA?) And 5A,2A,1B,1D in O Levels.

I've not taken SAT or IELTS yet. And given the circumstances, I don't think I'll able to give it before 6months.

As colleges are accepting without those scores, for now, I'm in dilemma about which type of colleges should I apply to with only my O& A level grades. I've selected some with colleges that have over 50/60 % accepted rate, but I'm a bit confused.


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2 years ago[edited]

I'm not sure if those are all of your grades (or exactly how to read them) but I can tell you how to calculate them for yourself. GPAs are calculated on a four-point scale. An A is worth 4.0 grade points, a B 3.0, a C 2.0, a D 1.0, and an F is 0 grade points. Grades like an A- or B+ are placed at proportional intervals a third of the way between each grade (so an A- is a 3.66 and a B+ is a 3.33).

To calculate a very rudimentary GPA, you add the grade points for each course and then divide them by the number of courses. E.g. if someone has 4 As and 6 Bs, that's (44.0)+(63.0)/(4+6) = (16+18)/10 = 34/10 = 3.4 GPA

If your school has a credit system — e.g. certain classes are worth more towards graduation than others, you multiply each class' grade points by the credits of that course, and then divide at the end by the total number of credits (instead of just the number of courses). E.g., 4 As in classes worth 4 credits and 6 Bs in classes worth 2 credits = (4(4.04))+(6(3.02))/(44+62) = (416)+(66)/(16+12) = (64+36)/28 = 100/28 = 3.57.

You can see in the second calculation, it turns out a higher GPA, because the classes where the example person earned Bs were worth fewer credits than the classes where they earned As.


So, roughly looking at the grades you've given me, you have (4.0+3.0+2.0+74.0+3.0+1.0)/12 (I do not know what A means, so I'm lumping that in with As). The rough GPA for that is a 3.42. With that, colleges with a 50-60% acceptance rate are probably a good place to start looking, though I would use the chancing system with the GPA you calculate (if your school has some kind of credits system) to give yourself a better view.

2 years ago

It depends on major and your English grade.

I have trouble telling if you are UK or US student. I’ll base it off US student.

In general any state school besides main campuses you should have a near garunteed acceptance excluding UC some of Cal st and likely Florida and Texas and likely NY CUNY/SUNY. So Northern Iowa, Nebraska-Omaha, and in general any branch campus. Some of the semi selective schools should be targets (60% admit rate)

Hope this helps

Comment if you need clarification


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