2 years ago
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Any USC alumni, students, staff, or faculty out there?

I am currently writing my USC why us essay, and I was wondering if there was anybody who knew anything extremely unique and special that makes USC stand out compared to all the other prestigious schools out there. What is specific to USC alone? What makes it so special? What makes it so unique? And I'm not talking about traditions, campus, or social life. What traditions are there that make the school different? What experiences, help, or opportunities have you had through USC? If anybody would be willing to share their experiences here, that would be greatly appreciated!


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2 years ago[edited]

Answering this is not a good use of anyone's time because Why Us essays are meant for the applicant alone to answer. They are meant to assess the fit of the applicant (you) to the school and school to the applicant (you). You alone without help are supposed to make the argument in your written voice why USC is your choice. You are not supposed to glean from someone else's experiences, opportunities, help and thought processes why USC is on your radar. Using anyone else's ideas or parts of their essay would be considered plagiarism. Just like you should NOT ask the anyone on Collegevine to help you the Common App Main essay for content, context or how they were successful in answering Essay #4.

It is sad commentary that you do not have the motivation to research USC yourself and figure out why you are applying there. Do you think USC wants to admit someone that doesn't have a compelling reason for themselves why they want to be part of the Trojan Family?

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