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If I'm applying to college as a STEM major, is it okay to only submit recommendations from non-STEM teachers?

I am a current high school junior that hopes to major in Environmental Engineering and Public Policy. I know that admissions officers like to see recommendation letters from two "clusters": humanities/language/arts and STEM. I want to submit recommendation letters from my AP English Language and AP US History teachers, as I feel they can most adequately speak to who I am in and out of the classroom.

I took AP Chemistry my Junior year and did well in the class, but I do not believe my teacher would write me a letter nearly as good as the two non-STEM teachers I mentioned. However, I did develop a close bond with my sophomore Honors Chemistry teacher. Would colleges look poorly upon me if I submit a letter from my honors chemistry teacher rather than my AP one?

Ideally, I would like to submit recommendations from two non-STEM teachers. But I am worried that colleges will look poorly upon my application for this. What should I do?

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2 years ago[edited]

Hi @nervouscollegeguy,

Some colleges state in their admissions requirements that they want 1 Humanities recommender and 1 STEM recommender so I would abide by those policies if I were applying to such schools that actually expressed in their admissions requirements that that is what they want.

Most colleges do not have such detailed requirements for teacher recommenders. Therefore, if the colleges you are applying to do not explicitly state they need a STEM recommender, I wouldn't give it a second thought and wouldn't be worried or nervous about it.

Good luck and hope this works out for you.

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