2 years ago
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essay topic on astrology

i am very interested in astrology. i heard that your essay should be so specific to you that if a teacher was holding a stack of essays with your essay in it, your best friend or someone close to you should be able to pick it out of the pile and identify that its yours. it will apply to prompt one of the common app essay. i can either talk about how its my way of understanding people, how i love that it is so complex and interesting, or how i use it as a way to bond with others. i learnt all i know through social media and i constantly read my friends and families birth charts.

is writing about astrology a good idea? it doesn't connect to my major at all as i want to major in either poli sci, econ, international relations, or public policy. however this essay will be extremely personal to me and is a big part of my personality i guess you can say. i feel like it also shows that i am a fast/dedicated learner and that i like involving others around me in my interests.

so, should i write my college essay on astrology?


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2 years ago[edited]

Hi @collegear,

If you are applying to a T100 college, I wouldn't write my essays on any topic of pseudo-science. I place Astrology in the same category of 100s of belief practices that are not founded in science and are sort of made up by people like Scientology (Dianetics), Exorcism, Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot cards, Auras, Channeling, Ghost Hunting, Reiki, etc.

If Astrology would be real science, then you could major in it but you can't so I don't know what the value of sharing is that you spend a lot of time involved in this. I think this could only harm your chances of being taken seriously by a college admissions officer versus impressing them with something tangible that has something to do with your intellectual vitality.

For instance, if you wrote about astrophysics, that's real science and readers would be interested to hear what you have to say about it. Astrology, not so much in the world of academia.

Good luck.

4 months ago

Just my two cents but I wouldn't recommend writing your essay on astrology. That topic is super complex, with tons to research on houses, degrees and health problems: 365daysofpositivity.com/aries-health-problems/ You'd be spending forever just collecting info! I'd suggest going with something like religion or spirituality instead.

a year ago[edited]

Hello there! It's great that you're passionate about astrology, and it's a big part of your personality. IMO, writing about it for your college essay could be a great idea. Your essay should showcase who you are as a person, and writing about astrology shows your dedication to learning and connecting with others through your interests. Plus, it could even play an unexpected role in your future career paths. Give it a shot! You can also visit https://www.reddit.com/r/ReadMyMind/comments/xtkwqg/where_to_get_psychic_reading/ community for more info about astrology and etc. Good luck!

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