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Should I send my AP Score report to a college using the free score report without knowing my scores?

I am a rising senior and worried that if I score poorly it would hurt my admission chances. I took 4 ap's this year and one ap my freshman year and my school doesn't include my ap scores on transcripts.

Follow up question, if it could affect my admission chances if I score poorly should I send them to a safety school where I have auto-admin like A&M?

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4 years ago

DebaterMAX is more or less right, but to add — as long as you plan to take AP exams next year (so at the end of your senior year), you should have a free score report then that will send ALL of your scores, even those from previous years, to a college of your choice. Since AP exams are typically in May, that's usually after you commit to a school; so you should only need that one report to get credit at whatever college you've chosen by that point.

Meanwhile, for admissions purposes, you can just self-report the AP scores you want to communicate on your application. There should be space on the Common App set aside for them, and you can choose to omit tests you didn't score well on (anything 3 and up is fine).

4 years ago

Honestly AP scores are the least important out of all academic requirements (rigor, sat/act, gpa).

AP Scores are just about useless in admissions. They really come into play as a tiebreaker if spots are narrowed down. They primary’s serve as college credit not admissions.

Also I took an AP this year and was told I should expect my score by 2nd week of July. So if you are that stressed I’d wait. But I’d recommend assuming you got a B or above in the class to send it in as anything above a 3 or above is good score and may count for credit.

A 1 or 2 essentially means you have no clue about the content/essay writing assuming you filled out the essay/questions you should be garunteed a 3 or above

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