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Am I overthinking this?

Hello, I’m trying out for my school’s volleyball team. There’s a mandatory form for tryouts, which ask if I’m taking aps and honors classes. It also asks for my GPA. The truth is, I’m taking 3 aps and yes I know it’s insane. But I really am determined to do well in those courses and excel in sports. I’m afraid that if the coaches know I’m taking 3 ap courses, they’re going to think that I won’t have that much time to dedicate to sports, and won’t allow me on the team. Or, they may think I’ll be stressing myself too much and they won’t let me on the team to keep my mental health. However, volleyball is one of the few things that actually keeps my mental health in checks and brings me too much joy. Is it selfish to do sports and so

many aps? Should I lie on my form, or do you think that the coaches would be impressed and it would increase my chances of being accepted on my team?


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2 years ago

My junior year I took 4 APs, 2 honors, and in the fall did Congress Debate, Mock Trial, and FTC Robotics, which I would estimate to be 12 hours a week of extracurriculars + weekend competitions. If volleyball is, say, 2.5 hours after school every day, you'd be about on par with me. I'll admit, it was insanity at times, but I loved everything I was doing and I made it work and still got 7-8 hours of sleep.

What you're suggesting IS doable. I don't think the coaches will see someone who will slack off in volleyball or worry it might be too much - they'll see a driven student. Whatever you do, don't lie. They should let you in for who you are.

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