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Help with Activities List for CommonApp, Unable to find examples elsewhere

Preferred Major: Computer Engineering (Undergrad, International, Fall 2022)

I do not understand how to describe my activities as I see no example on the Internet where someone has listed such activities in their list.

So here's the context:

• I've created a lot of open source apps. 23+ repositories, bug-fixes and new features to other open source apps. Some of them are listed on Amazon AppStore, Elementary OS AppStore, Linux Flatpaks, etc. Created apps using React JS and Native, JavaScript, Vala, Java and C#

• I've immensely contributed to my school by automating the process of filling student forms. School awarded a technology award.

• I've also created the only mapping dance (Using Chroma Keying, 3D Modelling and Animation, etc.) in our school group (around 140+ schools in the group).

• I lead the media production team for MUN at my school, won award in the School District.

• I have implemented and managed cost-effective advanced network solutions such as VPN, Active Directory, LDAP, DNS, Automatic Backup Solutions, etc. for a small business.

• I've self-hosted 30+ internal websites (A family responsibility which helps increase privacy).

• Created a Solar Lantern Project for a state exhibition

• Achieved National Rank 112 in a renowned math Olympiad

• Lead Electronic Keyboard Player at School Band (Grade 9 to 10), Completed Grade 2 Trinity Examinations

• Made a number of community service contributions. Got an A (Highest Grade) in Community Service in Grade 9 and 10

I've categorized 10 important contributions into Computer/Technology, Theater/Drama, etc. But I have three questions -

1. Do these activities add value to my college profile?

2. How to describe computer/technology related activities (i.e., apps I created and technologies I implemented for a business) to create the highest impact? Does my activity description need some order like "What was the Problem?, Things I learnt, Outcome"

3. Is it good to include a link (GitHub) to each app in the Activity Description?

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2 years ago

1. These activities all add value! One small tweak is that you should remove the community service contributions activity if the class is noted on your transcript.

2. You should describe each activity with this format: position title and organization name in the title, then a description which explains your role and your impact. Try to be as tangible as possible when describing your impact.

3. It would be a good idea to include a bit.ly link to one or two of the apps that you are most proud of. Including more links than that would take too many words away from your activity descriptions.

Hope this helps!

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