4 years ago
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Is it necessary to take AP test if a student is taking an ap class at school?

"Our son is taking AP computer science A at school right now and is getting an A.

The class is known to be a fairly easy class as long as a student does the homework but unfortunately, it is also known that the teacher does not prepare students for the real AP exam.

Will that look bad in admissions if our son doesn't take AP computer science A while the transcript will show he took the class?"

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4 years ago

I would first check the college and see if there is any useful credit he can get from taking the exam. If not, it would look nice on his application to colleges if he passed the exam. However, it's very unlikely for a college to turn away a person because they did not take the AP exam. As long as he maintains an A in the class, there really shouldn't be any problem. He shouldn't be disadvantaged in any way.

4 years ago

There should be no negative impact on his admission chances should he decide not to take the AP Exam, however, there is really no downside to taking the exam given that students don't need to self-report scores to school unless they score well enough to receive college credit. A negative score is also unlikely to have a negative impact since enrolling in an AP course already shows initiative to challenge himself at a college level.

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