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As a rising Junior, is it possible to get in BU or USC even if I messed up my freshman, sophomore year?

Hi there:) I'm a rising Junior in a private high school.

My first two years in high school were totally in chaos.

As a result, I got "bad grades" for two years. I got 5~6 in the range of 7.

I feel like my EC is pretty strong, by actively joining MUN, council, RCY, Duke of Edinburgh, and several science research clubs.

If I pull up my grade in the remaining two years, would it be possible to get into my dream school?

+ If there is some good advice for high school life, pls comment on it!


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2 years ago

Okay seeing as you're graded out of 7, I'd assume you're taking the IB MYP followed by the DP. I think you have a shot.

To give you a better idea of your academic standing in terms of American letter grades, we know from court documents that Harvard uses the following grades conversion scale for IB numerical grades to American letter grades: 7 – A+ (4.0), 6 – A (4.0), 5 – B (3.0), 4 – C (2.0), and so forth. I think this would put you somewhere around a 3.7 UW GPA, which is not amazing, but like potentially acceptable under the right circumstances.

I have a feeling that your ECs are more problematic than your grades. You don't really have anything distinguishing in your portfolio; it's all just (what I would consider) filler co-curriculars. It's a bad sign that I have no clue what you might want to further pursue in college by looking at your co-curriculars. Try to do something that shows initiative, leadership and creativity. I would strongly suggest looking beyond just scholastic activities to stuff that mainly involves stakeholders outside of your school.

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