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AP Economics and Government or On-Level for Management Major/Statistics Minor


I am debating whether to remain in AP Econ and Government. I am trying to develop a business and need to be as efficient with my time as possible.

I understand economics is good to know for business overall (supply and demand, etc.) and I will definitely read all the classic books, but it is not essential. Even Warren Buffett doesn’t really see the business purpose behind it and it didn’t take an economist to see ‘08 coming.

Therefore, should I go into on-level E&G just to get the requirement knocked out?


Best Regards,

Eric B.


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2 years ago

Hi @EricB!

The answer to this is a bit different to your question about Spanish 3, since AP econ is more directly relevant to your intended major. In short, yes — you should take AP econ and government, if only to have more AP classes under your belt.

However, I'm a bit confused as to your point regarding Warren Buffet. After all, aren't you asking about applying to college? If you're solely focused on business experience, why not go straight into the workforce?

"Business" is a broad and nebulous field in which all kinds of knowledge can be useful. The purpose of a college degree in business, then, is often signaling — giving employers a certificate that says you can complete assignments and are reasonably well-read. It also provides access to recruiting opportunities and alumni networks that can be extremely beneficial later on.

I'm assuming you already plan on going to college, in which case you need to think more about the admissions process than what classes will help you in business. And admissions officers are very big on signaling — they want to see that you can perform well in classes related to your major. Even if taking a formal econ course isn't necessary to being a successful business owner, admissions officers are probably the people most likely to correlate the two.

So for now, focus on doing what it takes to get into the college of your choice. Having some AP classes on your transcript will help with that tremendously, because it will demonstrate to admissions officers that you can succeed in a rigorous academic environment. Taking on-level courses would suffice to knock out the requirements, but the lack of APs would make it difficult for you to pass the academic threshold at many colleges.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

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