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Is this a good diversity essay topic?

I am applying to NC State and one of their prompts is NC State University is committed to building a just and inclusive community, one that does not tolerate unjust or inhumane treatment, and that denounces it, clearly and loudly. Please describe what those words mean to you and how you will contribute to a more diverse and inclusive NC State environment. In my essay, I talked about how working with people with disabilities at my work made me value the inclusivity and diversity in my workplace. It made me realize that my workplace would not work as smoothly without their help. I touch on how I will use what I learned from my coworkers to join a consulting club at NC State helping nonprofits get the help they need without the cost. Is this a good topic or should I change it?


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2 years ago

I would say that this has the potential to be a good topic, but it might be easier to write about something else. The essay prompt is asking for how you in particular will contribute to NC State's diversity - by talking about other people, your writing could easily lose focus of yourself as the subject.

A more effective way to write this essay might be to talk about disability advocacy in general. Explain why you are passionate about it, and tell at least one more story relating to disability beyond your workplace anecdote to highlight your views and experiences. Then, pitch your goal of joining consulting club as a way to more specifically help the disabled.

Hope these suggestions help!

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