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Extracurricular Spike

Could you plz tell me if you think I have a spike in one area, and things I could do to improve it and also tell me if you think my extracurricular are good and what they all classify as in terms of tier 1,2,3,4


- I am founder and president football club

- President of Ultimate Frisbee and I'm getting a competitive team here at my school

- I also play football at a school that I don't go to called Legacy but I go to a different school for Stargate I was freshman team captain and JV team captain

- I also run a blog with my friends about the Broncos

Computer Science

- Coding Club

- Coded video games with friends

- Coded A broncos blog with my friends

- Taught Coding to younger kids

Some other EC's I have are

- job at topgolf for a year

- Knowledge Bowl where we're back to back state champs and placed 2nd in nationals my freshman year and 5th my sophomore year.


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2 years ago

Hi @Swayam_Jain17,

Thanks for asking your question. I think having good ECs is important to the college admissions process.

I'm not really sure you have what most college admissions readers would call a spike in anything you listed.

Sports - Literally millions of HS applicants do sports. And your level of athleticism is a couple of tiers down from being a recruited athlete for a Division 1 or Division 3 team. 2 activities are fan ones. And 2 are actual sports. Most would consider ultimate frisbee sort of derivative versus a key sport. And if you were team captain of your school Varsity football team and you went on to win a State championship as a team, now that would be something impressive to write about. There are 16000+ FB teams in high schools in the US with 40-50 players per team, that's 650-800,000 FB players.

Computer Science - Besides coding a game and blog, it would be hard for anyone to tell if you are an accomplished coder. Do you know Java/Javascript, Python, C/C++, R Language, Kotlin, C#, PHP, Scala, or Go? And teaching kids coding is cool as also being part of a club. But as you know these days there CS is the most popular STEM major at US Colleges, so you are competing with many skilled and experienced students. I would say CS would be more of a spike if you had fluency in multiple coding languages, took outside CS courses besides the expected AP CSP, AP CSA, and held some leadership on a robotics team, attended some CS summer programs, worked in a CS lab or had an internship with someone trying to build something interesting, or started a business fixing up smartphones or laptops or getting technology to marginalized kids in the community.

Your other 2 mentions would not qualify as spike activities either.

I don't think it is fair use of anyone's time to classify your ECs for you. I think it's okay to ask 1 question like is this EC a 3b or a 3c or something like that, but you should be the one that attempts to classify your own ECs.

Good luck.

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