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How can I improve my extracurricular profile as a sophomore?

I'm a rising sophomore and I'm having trouble exploring and strengthening my extracurricular profile. I'm currently one of the leads in a climate justice movement group at my school and I play varsity soccer(no regional competitions or anything.) I've played the piano on and off since I was 3 but I'm not sure how to strengthen the skill into an extracurricular that tells people who I am. I'm not really competitive but I'm interested in biology, law, social justice movements, music(that's not really my strong point) and looking for extracurriculars to participate in these interests. I'm also having trouble finding internships as a non-citizen.


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4 years ago[edited]

Hi! I compiled a list of a few ecs you can do with each interest:

---- piano/music ----

- audition for all-region or all-state piano

- start a YouTube channel and make piano covers of popular songs, or even traditional piano songs. you can also post your original music

- teach piano classes to others

- (honestly, even playing piano recreationally is an extracurricular in itself.)

---- biology ----

- start or join a biology club at your school. see if you can get leadership

- study and take the USABO (super hard biology test that can qualify you for the US Biolympiad -- even if you dont qualify, a good score is still a major ec)

- do biology research at a local hospital or university

- volunteer at a science museum or hospital

---- law/social justice ----

- work/volunteer with political campaigns

- look for volunteer opportunities at the regional and state level -- for example, is there a program for youth in your area to get involved in local and state legislature?

- be an activist. attend and organize protests, rallies, petitions, etc.

- get involved with local political groups you align with: climate change? racial justice? 2nd amendment rights? or, start one!

- form a club at your school

---- climate change ----

- is there a way you can expand this club? for example, can you gain a notable social media following? can you expand this program to other schools in your area, and maybe even hold a district, region, or state-wide convention?

- how can this club fight for change outside of just your school? can you get involved with local legislation?

- how can this club increase its impact? can you hold a bottlecap drive or raise money to help support conservation initiatives? a really notable achievement can also help generate media coverage for your club, helping out with the other points above.

hope these help!

2 years ago[edited]

This year I was also looking for extracurricular activities to get an extra edge and I was also thinking about how I can make my own environmental volunteer project. Now climate change is one of the most important topics for society and it seems logical to me to try to work with such a project. Using https://studyhippo.com/essay-examples/climate-change/ I found several volunteer organizations that are accepting new members and are popular with students. If you study various essays on climate change, you will see how this topic is discussed among politicians and in the scientific community, this is one of the most important problems, and I think it is logical to choose volunteering in such an organization for extracurricular activities.

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