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Could someone give extracurricular activity advice to a rising senior?

I attend a dual-enrollment school, which essentially allows me to register 100% of my courseload as college classes. I am currently a rising senior in high school and a rising junior in college with my current credit count.

This has its pros and cons. Major cons are no AP classes and I struggled through freshman year (and the first semester of sophomore year).

Cumulative HS GPA is a 3.5 and weighted is 4.7, and I was originally concerned about what colleges would think about a low unweighted GPA.

SAT ACT 1570/35.

I lack...any semblance of an extracurricular activity, really. I haven't been truly involved with any club or sport since the beginning of junior year and I didn't hold any leadership positions during that time.

These few months between July and the application deadlines for schools are my last chances to get involved in things, but I'm stuck - I don't want to do things that I would immediately quit without the ulterior motive of college applications, but I need extracurriculars in order to apply.

What are things that would help my chances to top universities, and how could I get on the path to accomplish them?

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You can look for online volunteer and internship opportunities in the field you wish to pursue- volunteermatch.org is a great place to start.

You can do a personal project at home- have your own blog/website, Youtube channel, writing a book and self-publishing it, developing an app, starting an online business

Also, look for competitions/contests you can enter so you can get some awards.

May I ask what your interests are and what is your intended major? I might be able to help you out a bit more.

Furthermore, work on your essays! It is probably the most important component of your application.

I hope this helps!

2 years ago


It's awesome that you attend a dual-enrollment school which can cover up for your AP classes. Your weighted GPA is really good and I don't think your low unweighted GPA will affect much since its impressive that you're a rising junior in college with the amount of credits you did. Your SAT/ACT is really good. Your academic profile overall is great. What I suggest you do for your extracurriculars is definitely start getting involved now. You can explain your circumstances in your application. Volunteer online such as writing letters to special kids or hosting zoom meetings to teach something. Start a youtube channel, a blog, and anything that will express your passion for your major. You may even find internships or jobs that goes with your major. Other things you could also focus on is great teacher recommendations and your essays. Your essays will be able to reel admission officers in with who you are and what you're passionate about. Also, your teacher recommendations will also allow admission officers to understand your work ethics and how amazing you are overall.


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