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What community service should someone aspiring a doctor do?

I’m a freshman in a high school which is IB (International Baccalaureate).

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Your high school extracurriculars won't factor into your med school admissions unless you're applying for a BS/MD program. That said, it's of course great that you're thinking about ways to start your journey to becoming a doctor while you're still in high school!

Some extracurriculars good for future doctors are those that will strengthen your knowledge of science and teamwork skills, and show your dedication to serving the community.

Some ideas might be:

- Science Olympiad

- Doctors Without Borders (for students)


- Volunteering at a medical clinic or shadowing a doctor

- Doing scientific research

You should also do any extracurriculars that you're genuinely interested in, even if they're not directly related to medicine. Admissions committees like to see students who pursue their passions over those who do things just to pad their resumes. Many "unrelated" activities can help you develop skills relevant to medicine anyways. Playing on a sports team teaches you teamwork, and writing for the school newspaper helps you learn to communicate effectively and shows an involvement in your community - all of these skills are important for doctors to have.

Here are a couple CollegeVine articles that might be helpful:



2 years ago

try a nursing home


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