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Ideas for extracurricular activities/volunteering/competitions for an Economics major?

Hi! I am a rising senior and I realized I don't have any extracurriculars that link to my major (Economics). I know that colleges look for students that show interest in their intended field of study.

Do you have any thoughts on what I could do? Maybe some ideas on en extracurricular that can lead to a tangible product (eg. a research paper or similar)? Or ideas of simple extracurricular activities or remote volunteering opportunities? Do you know of any site or place where I can work on something related to economics, online?

@DebaterMAX3 years ago

DECA just DECA also it is a bit less tanginible but you might be able to volunteer to sell concessions at sports games it’s a bit wierd but yeh

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3 years ago

Check out Owlypia- it has an economics online competition in August https://www.owlypia.org/register/online/

Also, see if you can start an online business- take advantage of the situation. I have a friend who sold baked goods and another who sold his artwork(both online) and donated the money to healthcare and BLM organizations. Try to do something that is related to current events- it will show that you are resilient and flexible.

You can look for online volunteer and internship opportunities in the field you wish to pursue- volunteermatch.org is a great place to start.

You can do a personal project at home- have your own blog/website, Youtube channel, publish articles on Medium


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