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If you got accepted to The Ohio State University, what were your stats and extra curriculars like?

I'm not sure how I should feel about my chances of admission for The Ohio State University. I feel like I should get in but some areas, such as my ACT, need a lot more improvement for me to feel confident that I'll be admitted. So I just wanted to see what previously admitted students had stats wise in high school to give me some insight on what I'm going up against.

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2 years ago

Hi @dadudeguy,

Thanks for your question. One of the best resources for you and all high school students is the Common Data Set for a particular college. If you look at the Ohio State Common Data sets, they have the last 15 years of stats for all 6 campuses, Columbus, Lima, Mansfield, Marion, Newark, and Wooster/ATI.

You didn't mention what campus you are looking to apply to so I'll assume it's the main one Columbus. Also, you should know that ACT scores vary widely from campus to campus.


For Columbus, last year, not this year, the middle 25% to 75% range for ACT scores was 26-32. This means that 75% of admits had an ACT score of 26 or better, and 25% of admits had an ACT score of above 32.

When you look at the table the ACT scores breakdown as the following.

49% had ACT scores between 30-36.

38% had ACT scores between 24-29.

12% had ACt scores between 18-23.

My best guess is that 1/2 of those with the lowest scores were recruited as Varsity athletes.

If you really want to feel secure that your ACT score is not the reason you will be passed over when you apply, I would recommend that you aim for a 30 Composite ACT score. If you fall short of that like a 25, I probably would apply test optional and to other Ohio State campuses that have lower standards for admissions.

Good luck.

2 years ago

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