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No courses in high school in public school

Hi, I am from India. My high school education system is not similar to the American ones. We have everything the same for all students and we do not have course selection or separate courses etc. But I am facing problems in my common application for the 'Courses and Grades' section in the common app. One of the colleges I am applying to has mandatory rule for filling in that section, how do I fill the section if I have no courses to mention?

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2 years ago

Maybe you can call or email the college and tell them that you are an international student. They will probably have different rules and exceptions for you.

2 years ago

So does this mean you don't take different classes? If you aren't getting separate grades for something like Math, History, Science, etc. then I would recommend reaching out to the specific school you're interested in like @Areebah mentioned. They most likely have an answer for you and it's better you ask the source directly than have someone give you the wrong information.


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