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What schools on my list should I apply EA or RD given my course rigor?

I'm not sure whether I should submit my application EA or RD for a school. One main reason being my mid year report where schools see my 1st semester grades. Some school, just my 3 year academic record is enough but for others, not so much. So it would wonderful if someone help me out and give their input, considering yourself in my shoes(course rigor nothing else)? (CS major)

8th Grade

Math 1 (Algebra 1 equivalent)-A

9th Grade

3-D Design and Arts-100 A

World History Honors-100 A

Geometry Honors-100 A

English 1 Honors-100 A

Biology Honors-100 A

PE/Health-100 A

Intro to Business & Principles-100 A

10th Grade

Spanish I-99 A

Spanish II-99 A

English 2 Honors-93 A

Algebra 2 Honors-97 A

Integrated Science Honors-96 A

Geography Honors-100 A

Intro to Management-100 A

Web Design & Development-96 A

11th Grade

TMC English 150-104 A

Spanish 3-98 A

PreCalc I Honors (Algebra 3 equivalent)-99 A

PreCalc II Honors (Trig equivalent)-100 A



Chemistry Honors-100 A

Digital Literacy-97 A

12th Grade

AP Computer Science A-

AP Calculus AB-

AP Chemistry

AP Physics 1 (Algebra Based)-

AP Statistics-

English IV-

School List:


Boston University

UKy Lewis College

Binghamton University

North Carolina State University



UNC Chapel Hill


UIUC (Urbana-Champaign)

UMass Amherst

University of Michigan

University of Washington

Stony Brook

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@CameronBameron could you help me out on this one? thank you very much.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@leon2 years ago

@AlexanderOddo Could give me some of your input because I used 20 karma and no one has answered? And I don't want to go through the process of contacting CollegeVine Support.

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2 years ago

Hi @leon,

Since UI UC is the 5th best CS school in the country, I'd apply there early. The admit rate is probably like 12% next cycle but you have a strong showing in course rigor.

U of Washington would be a waste of time since its non-resident acceptance rate for CS majors is 3%. I think CMU would be super tough too. I'm guessing CMU CS is like 5-6% next admissions cycle.

UMich and GeorgiaTech CS are both great schools. Again acceptance rates for CS will probably be in the 12-14% next cycle.

If you want something easier, I would pick Purdue which is going to be around 18-20% for CS. UMass Amherst about 25-28%.

BU, NYU, RPI, RIT, Binghamton, UKentucky, NCState, Stony Brook are not in the same league as the ones mentioned above. They are more like T40-T100 for CS Majors.

So I would focus on UI, UMich, GTech, Purdue, UMass, UNC

I would add CMU as a reach. Also add UWisconsin, UMD, UCSanDiego, UCI, UCSB, and UTAustin. All better CS major schools.

Good luck.

2 years ago

Applicants do usually see a small admissions bump when applying ED/EA as opposed to RD. However, an admissions officer is not going to accept someone they wouldn't already be inclined to take RD. Higher acceptance rates also reflect a more prepared admissions pool. So, EA might be a good fit for your favorite hard target schools or a reach school.

As for the specific ones on your list, check out Collegevine's chancing calculator.

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