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Should give details about why I online did one semester of dual enrollment for pre-calc?

Due to my extra-curriculars (officer in 2 clubs and volunteering), plus developing my AP design portoflio, 2 other dual credit classes, studying for the SAT, I realized taking a second semester of DC pre-calc was overwhelming and cause burnout. I decided not to register because the class doesn't pertain to my major (nursing). Should I include this in the additional info section or is it unnecessary. I don't want to come off as someone who just didn't take the class because I didn't want to, my mental and physical health was being affected.

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2 years ago

Your profile sounds extremely strong otherwise so I don't think it would give anyone much pause, but you absolutely could mention it in the Additional Info section if you want to. The way I would frame it is to say that you decided that a couple of your other pursuits were more worthwhile in the time that you had, and focus on the things you were able to do instead (without overworking and overstressing yourself) by not taking the second semester of pre-calc.


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