2 years ago
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Priority admission decision is it a real thing?

I have been getting all these emails from different colleges asking me to apply priority admission. Stating I would get Automatic scholarship consideration, a decision in three weeks, some a $2,500 grant, etc. I was just wondering if anybody else were getting this emails and if I should apply?

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@ThatOnePolyglot2 years ago

@fathia it's real, but most - if not all - of these schools offering priority admissions to you are going to accept you. They're trying to entice high-achieving students to apply to their schools to boost their stats and make themselves more competitive. (No top 50 school is going to offer anyone priority admission decision because they have no need to convince anyone to apply to their school.) I'd personally pass on the offers, but it's legit, so if it's a college you're interested in 1/2

@ThatOnePolyglot2 years ago

go ahead and apply. It's most likely non-binding, but read the fine print before you submit your application just in case. If it's not somewhere you want to go, skip the extra work and focus your energy on applying to schools you do want to go to. 2/2

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2 years ago

So there are usually 3 options: Early decision, Early action, and regular decision. Early decision is a binding agreement, meaning that if you get accepted to this college, you are promising that you will go there (hence, you can only apply with early decision to one college). I wouldn't recommend applying to early decision unless a) you know you can pay the full amount of tuition without knowing how much financial aid you'll receive and b) the school is your top choice OR c) you're being recruited for athletics. Early action is advisable. It's like regular decision, but you submit your work a little early. It shows a bit of initiative and interest, and, if nothing else, you get the college's decision back a bit earlier. Usually these emails are advocating for their early decision deadline, but just be careful to see which you'd be applying for, and go with whatever you feel best prepared for!

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