2 years ago
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My health made it so I don't have anything that helps me stand out.

I'm a senior applying to a few Ivy's, some top 20s, and the UCs. I got a brain injury and have spent pretty much the last year and a half staring at a ceiling sick. I barely managed to keep up with schoolwork and my extracurriculars, so I didn't accomplish anything amazing like starting a nonprofit or completing research. I still took 8 AP classes, I'm president of two big clubs, got a 36 on the ACT, ten years of soccer, am a student representative to an educational committee in my district, but I didn't get to go above and beyond. I'm worried that even if I explain the situation, even if I write my entire essay on how hard it was to do even small things like walking or talking, I haven't proved I'm capable of succeeding to the same degree as others. Do I have cause to be concerned?

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@blohsh_132 years ago [edited]

I'm not an expert on college admissions, which is why this is a comment, but what you went through sounds awful and I'm sorry that you went through this. Based on what you wrote above, you did so much despite the injury you survived and fought through. I think that colleges would say "this person went through a brain injury, did all of these extracurriculars and ap courses, and still wants to go to college?" I think that they will see how persistent and committed you are to your classes.

@Anonymouse2 years ago [edited]

yeah, I think so too, I've got nothing going on in my life and haven't even accomplished half of what you've done, you're really persistent and I think that will work out in your favor. I think colleges will love that you didn't let an injury deter you from working hard!

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Gestri2 years ago

Thank you both so much. These messages are incredibly kind and I really, really appreciate them. It's been very tough but you've got me feeling a bit better.

@blohsh_132 years ago

You're welcome! I really hope you feel better mentally and physically and you just have to have confidence. You shouldn't be concerned at all.

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2 years ago[edited]

No you don’t have to be concerned. You’ve gone through so much and you’ve still been able to do so many things. Even if you don’t think you went above and beyond, I’m sure the college’s will understand your situation. Even though all that has happened, to be honest you’ve succeeded way more than I have even though nothing like that happened to me. And having something unique happen to you can attract most colleges. Good luck!

a year ago

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