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What should I put as gender under the college chancing calculator?


I am a non-binary student wondering what I should put under a college chancing calculator.

Should I put my birth sex: male, or my gender identity. There is an option for third gender, but does this really reflect my chances?


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hello! your applications/collegevine profile should represent the gender you identify yourself as. most colleges differentiate amab from your gender identity of nb, and on the application section will ask for your sex and your gender/pronouns. personally considering that enbys/gq people are a minority i believe it will help your chances since you are from an underrepresented group. I would put “nonbinary/self-describe” if you can, on the application. whatever you fill out is what the college will consider your identity to be and that is the basis of how they will consider you to other applicants!

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Select the one that is most consistent with who you are as an applicant. Select the one from which you write your essays, short answers, and personal statement. If you do not identify as male in everyday life, it is not the checkbox I would recommend selecting. I do not think you can game the application process with sex or gender so I would just pick the one that makes the most sense with the rest of your narrative. Maybe 3rd gender with a detailed explanation.

I know you can't... I'm just worried Collegevine is inflating my chances for my dream school UC Berkeley (rn is a Low Reach) and UCLA (target)...
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I don't think so. It won't really affect the chances of admission. I think you should use the option for the third gender and explain your story in your application essays.