2 years ago
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Should I mention my major in my Personal statement even if there are Supplements?

I am planning on mentioning my major in my main personal statement. Should I still do that even if the college has a supplement about why I want to pursue my major, what led to my decision, and my extra-curriculars related to the major (all three are different essays btw)?


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2 years ago

If you plan on applying for the same major to all the colleges on your list then I do not think it will hurt if you mention it on your personal statement. Just try to mention things on your personal statement that you want all the universities you apply to to know and do not include in-depth information abut things you are going to talk about on the supplements. For example, do not go in-depth about your choice of major if you know the schools have supplements that ask for that. Try to be more creative on your personal statemnet and tell the schools things about you that they cannot see just by reviewing your application material (coursework, standarized test scores, extracurriculars, etc.).


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