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What do you need to get into college?

What kind of Essays do I need to write, do I need a lot of Extracurricular activities, & if I don't have very good high school accomplishments can I still get into a college?

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2 years ago

Your essay can be anything, there is a bunch of college essay prompts, just google it. But one of them is "your choice". Just write about a moment in your life where you learned something and it was an eye-opening experience. I just finished mine and it's like you're telling a story to the people. Don't overthink it and if you need help there's always youtube for tips. You DO NOT need a lot of extracurricular activities, although it's good to have them. Yes, you can always get into college without good high school accomplishments. There are countless opportunities and many colleges will be happy to take you in.

2 years ago

Hi @RavenMB, thanks for your question.

I think it's a great one because many students on here are confused and intimidated by the kinds of posts people put up. So many high-achieving students are trying to tweak their narrative to get into the very best schools when the odds are stacked against them and will continue to be more challenging in the future.

The truth is that with a hs diploma and nothing else, you can go to a 2-year community college, and then if you want to continue to earn your 4-year bachelor's you can transfer to a 4-year college. Community colleges across the country would be thrilled to have you since their enrollments are dwindling. And keep in mind there are 4300 colleges in the US that offer 4 year-degree. So most people on CV who are asking questions are concerned with only the Top 300. The truth is that the other 4100 colleges have acceptance rates over 65% so if you apply to most colleges in the US and have the ability to pay, you have a very good chance to get into them. I'd say that 1/2 of the American colleges would be considered safety schools because their admit rate is 85% or higher.

There are plenty of resources on CollegeVine for essay instruction, ECs guidelines, and honors and awards. Therefore either look up older posts or search on youtube under collegevine to find the video of past streaming sessions and past videos about these subjects.


Good luck.

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