4 years ago
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Is it necessary to give sat subject tests?

I am from India and I don't know whether is it necessary to give sat subject tests or not for ivy league and stanford and mit.

What if I don't give sat subject tests?

Will it affect my application?


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4 years ago


Because of the pandemic, schools are less picky on whether or not you have SAT additional subject tests right now. Many schools are going test-optional, which means that your GPA, course rigor, essays, and recommendation letters will carry significantly more weight. If you don't submit an SAT subject test score, your application will not be hurt because of it.

If you're a junior, I'd still recommend keeping an eye out for subject tests nearby if they're available to you - a strong SAT subject test score will still benefit you and be a boost to your application which you should keep in mind. Since you're thinking of competitive schools, do a subject test if you can.

But if you are unable to, don't worry. Maintain a strong GPA. Write strong essays and receive recommendation letters from teachers who are more than willing to advocate on your behalf.

Best of luck!

4 years ago

This year almost all (if not all) universities are test-optional meaning they do not require the SAT or ACT, but if you have those scores and you are satisfied with them the schools tell you that you may send them. The SAT subjects are even more optional so do not feel pressured to sit for those exams. If you have great scores on SAT Subjects then you may send them, but if you do not submit SAT Subject or even SAT scores it will not hurt your chances of getting in the school you want. Even Ivy League schools are test-optional for students appliying this fall. For the applications of these students the universities have a more holistic approach and not having standarized test scores does not put you at a disadvantageous position.

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