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choosing extracurriculares

I am currently a junior and I noticed the common app only has ten spots for extracurriculares. Im involved in more than that and was wondering how I should chose the best ones to put on my application?

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Hi there! That's awesome that you have more than ten extracurriculars! Colleges use a tier system to evaluate you.

Tier 1: These are rare activities that show exceptional achievement or leadership. They include national awards or other prestigious achievements.

Tier 2: These are little more common than Tier 1, but these activities still showcase high levels of achievement and leadership. They include top leadership positions for well-known clubs and organizations, winning regional competitions, or state-level sports/music distinctions.

Tier 3: These lack the distinction of Tier 1 and 2, but still highlight student’s interests. They include minor leadership positions for well-known clubs and organizations and smaller athletic/musical distinctions.

Tier 4: These are the most common activities and are seen most often by admissions committees. They include general club/sports/musical membership and general volunteering.

So I made a list of suggestions below...

1) Choose clubs that you have larger leadership positions in or national awards. This will show your commitment and leadership qualities. (Any tier one activities)

2) Any other awards you've received (Any tier two activities)

3) Choose largely known clubs. Examples would be National Honors Society, Student Government, Key Club, science olympiad, etc. (tier three)

4) After, I would also choose the clubs that display my interest towards a specific subject. For example, if I'm going for a major in computer science, I would put a coding club into the Common App rather than an art club. (Tier 4)

5) I would choose the ones that you've done for the longest time next. For example, I would chose a club that you've done your whole high school career rather than a sport you only did for senior year. Do this so that way you display commitment to colleges. (tier 4)

This article can help you too! https://blog.collegevine.com/how-to-fill-out-the-common-app-activities-section/

I hope this was able to help you! Good luck with college applications!


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