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national, no school team, valuable awards/competitions

I was looking at some of my dream school's past example of all the extracurricular the undergraduates had, which I went to look at the official websites of the awards and I soon come to realize that my small school does not get involved with these. So now here I am worrying about if this and I can't seem to find any national (maybe not even national just valuable) awards that can rise my chances to get into the prestigious school.

(Dont have any arts cell in my haha so anything related to art I won't be able to do it sadly.)

@PatrickJ8 months ago [edited]

If there are no clubs or events related to your interests at your school, consider creating them. Look for community organizations, online groups, or other opportunities where you can engage in activities that interest you. This demonstrates your commitment to personal growth and development.

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Hold leadership positions or engage in activities within your community, such as volunteering, participation in local clubs, or events. Even if they are not national, they can still demonstrate your dedication and leadership. Consider internships, part-time jobs, or research opportunities related to your field of interest. Practical experience can be a valuable asset. I have been playing on betting sites for a long time, not on Gamstop, and now I align my future and career with the world of gambling, as I have gained experience and now know where to go. Ensure that your letters of recommendation highlight your character, skills, and potential. Good recommendations can make a significant difference. Prestigious schools seek well-rounded individuals, not just a long list of awards. It's important to demonstrate your commitment, passion, and contribution to the university community.

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2 years ago

Hello ssy0305,

I would recommend joining online art competitions or online music exams like trinity or ABRSM. They can help rise your chances. You can also try starting a YouTube channel or code a simple game if you have the skill.

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