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What activities/things should I do to improve my chancing of getting into top (ivy) schools?

I am a rising sophomore. I am planning to study computer science or something similar. I think that I do not have enough good extracurriculars for ivy schools and schools like MIT or Stanford. My main interests are music, technology/math/science, and languages/my family culture. Here is a list of my activities:

For music, I am already part of a state-level auditioned choir and I am part of the best (highest level) orchestra at my school. For reference, I sing and play the violin (those two are the strongest) and I can play the piano and guitar. I also started an arts, languages, and music tutoring club at my school.

For technology, I am part of the robotics club, and this past year I got the rookie award. I am also considering trying to make an app, but I haven't had a chance yet. For math/science, I am taking the hardest science/math classes at my school and I even took a math class over the summer so that I could take AP computer science. I will also take SAT subject tests for both science and math.

For languages, ( as mentioned above) I started an arts, languages, and music tutoring club at my school. I am considering starting a Slavic club since there are French, Spanish, and Chineese clubs at my school. I also volunteer at a Saturday Slavic school where kids learn languages and culture.

Even though that might seem like a lot, I don't think that these activities are good enough for a top school. What should I do to have higher-level activities/how do I make my activities more impressive to colleges?

@blueberrywaffles4 years ago

Your extracurriculars are more than enough!!! You are doing what you're passionate about, not just what looks good to an admissions officer, and that's what will increase your chances of getting into these schools. Best of luck :)

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4 years ago

You are doing an excellent job. Try to establish yourself in a leadership position over the next couple years. If you are not interested in some of the top coveted spots in your school like Class President, Editor of the Newspaper, or Varsity Sports Team Captain, try to be the President of a couple of clubs and have a track record of accomplishments. I'm assuming you are already doing the latter because you said you started these clubs. Now you have to stick with them and grow them. Also, top schools do want "spikey" students who are really good at one or two things so continue to excel at your passions and you will be a great applicant.

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