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When to start applying?

Hi! I'm a rising senior in Texas. I know that I need to start applying for college, but I just don't know where to start.

What are some tips that you all can give me? When and where should I start? How to apply in general? Vocabulary that I need to know?

I'm just really stressed out, so I would extremely appreciate it if you could help out a friend.


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a year ago

So a really quick vocab

EA early action is non binding typically submitted around thanksgiving

ED is binding with same date range but is binding admittance. If you are admitted via ED you have to attend regardless of finicial aid.

You have a small bump if you apply early

Also if rolling admissions is how a school does it early is better

If you are going for most schools common app is application of choice excluding some public Texas schools and public California schools. Coalition is the selective school application.

I’d recomend making a CommonApp as it is most useful.

a year ago

The first thing you need to work on is to put a list of colleges together. So fill out the chancing part of your CV profile and then plug in your GPA, Stats, ECs, Financial Aid, etc and then make a list of college on here that will fall into different categories like Safety, Target, and Reach. Make a big list and then cull it down as you get more informed about what you might want to major in or other factors like cost or distance. Once you have a reasonable list, start researching them to see if you like them. You can go to their websites and take virtual tours, contact them to ask them questions, etc. You also can decide whether or not you need to take or re-take your SAT/ACT over now that there like 5 SAT test dates in the fall and 7 ACT test dates. Until you start researching and studying more about the college admissions process you really won't know what you don't know so do a little every day. There are good resources here and there are other portals as well. Most students apply Regular decision which has a Jan.1 to Jan.15th application deadline. Some schools however have a rolling application process which mean you can apply at the end of summer Early but you still might need all your materials like essays, recommendations, etc. Since you stated you are not prepared, don't stress about applying early, just make sure you keep a notebook of everything you need to collect and fill out before the application deadline. Every college has its specific requirements and deadlines on their websites. Good luck


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