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Is creating a website or an app on playstore a viable extracurricular

I am a high school junior, class of 2021, I am big into sports I have spent most of my high school years playing soccer, but I want to major in engineering, so this summer I applied for an internship but is now canceled due to COVID-19, so instead I am working on a website based on my precalc honors course, it is like a website where students can find and learn everything they would cover in the course, and also planning to develop an app to publish on play store, so my question is - does doing these types of things by my own help extracurricular side of my application?

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Hi! These sound like great ideas because of two reasons. First, they show that you can apply what you learn in the classroom to the outside world. This shows versatility and open-mindedness. Second, they show that you are innovative and self-driven because you are interested in creating something new and uncommon. They also show that you care for fellow classmates because the objective of your website is to help others out. Another great thing about this is that it proves that obstacles like Covid-19 do not prevent you from pursuing new interests and reaching new goals. These are all traits that admissions officers will give great value to in applications.

If you don't mind me asking, how do you plan to develop the application? Wouldn't you need to pay to develop it and also to have it in Playstore?

2 years ago

Rule of thumb yes but don’t devolop it share it with admissions then it is bugged. Assuming it is good quality it should be a good EC it depends on reception so if you get a semi prominate to review it that is amazing


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