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Hi everyone,

I go to a very large high school with over 2500 students, so that is around 600+ students per class. I am worried about how this will affect my high school career, my college admissions, etc. My school is definitely not the greatest, it's pretty mediocre but because of the large number of students there are a good amount of AP programs, clubs, and sports teams. Students here have even gotten into the Ivies, which is also my goal. However, I am worried about the fact there are just so many students that resources are spread thin. Also, because of the number of students my class rank becomes more competitive, counselors have more work, and other things as well. I am currently a freshman and this many people is somewhat overwhelming, but since I am just starting high school I can transfer out or figure out another solution. Have any of you experienced this? How did it go and what did you do? Also, how do T25 schools view this?

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I would like to know as well. My school is huge, with 6,000 kids in 10-12th and a class size of over 1,700. Answers are highly appreciated!

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Hey! I'm glad to hear that we have the same question, since you also want a response I recommend upvoting my post so it is more likely to get an answer!

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Usually, you're compared to other students at your school. While you should still aim for the highest rank possible, top 10 in a school with 1500 would be the same as achieving top 20 in one with 3000. Make sure to reach out to your counselors and build connections early on. Bigger schools tend to have more resources, albeit more spread out, but more clubs, students, classes offered, etc.

Hope this helped and gl!!

a year ago

This is actually a good thing if you do well in school. It increases the number of people it's easier to be in the top ten. Ex. 1 out of 10 is valedictorian and top ten percent so it's tough. I also attend a fairly large school with about 800 people in my class and I'm doing well. The top 4% of our class is hard to break into but keep in mind that not everyone goes to high school for good grades. Do well every year and I'm sure you'll be fine. It's especially important this year for you because it's easier to maintain a high rank than climb way up to one.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll do fine.

a year ago

All schools have a pretty good idea of high school profiles. To stand out make most of the resources the school offers i.e. AP programs, clubs, and sports.

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