4 years ago
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what are the best extracurricular activities for STEM?

i am an international student currently in 11 garde and i want to pursue computer science engineering from stanford/MIT/berkeley/cornell/harvard.

i want to know what ECs will boost up my application in STEM? i want to do something related to STEM and my school doesnt offer any stem based club. what can i do on my own?

@Ik4 years ago

If you want computer science engineering then you should look for some science or STEM competitions. Some I know are: Intel Science Fair, Google Science Fair, and the Junior Breakthrough Challenge. Just search these up and it would lead you to other similar competitions or sites you can use.

Here's a link to where I found most of the competitions (some of them are only for U.S citizens) : https://cty.jhu.edu/resources/academic-opportunities/competitions/science.html

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Manya4 years ago

@Ik thankyou

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4 years ago

I do not necesarily think that you have to have STEM based extracurriculars if you are planning on studying computer science or engineering - not that it wouldn't be a great application booster. I know at least one person that did non-STEM related things like soccer, student leadership, community service etc in high school who is now studying sciences at a top-ranked university.

I think that in all cases, the best extracurriculars are simply things that you enjoy doing and are passionate about, whether artsy, STEM related, related to languages, etc. I would suggest that you commit to doing things that you actually enjoy, not just because they are STEM related.

But as for your question on STEM related activities, there are plenty of things you could do!

You could definitely take courses in computer science/programming over your free time and try to build a project of your choice. I would even suggest going for a summer event or camp because it is much easier to learn coding when you are motivated by other people around you.

You could also start a STEM based club at your school; there are probably other people interested in STEM that are thinking of how to engage in more STEM based activities.

You could also participate in regional, national and international STEM challenges or competitions. You probably have a few in your country or state.

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