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• 2 years ago •
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Do you think this is enough?

Do you think I can go to Ivy league with these stats?:

(My SAT is low right now, but I am going to study hard and make it up until 1480 or 1500)

Hi I am rising sophomore and I wondered if I can go to Ivy league(Cornell or Yale) with these stats

-4.0UW GPA, 4.15 W GPA( my school can get until 4.0 GPA, so in transcript I get 4.0)

-will take 6 APs, 6 honors( 7 APs offered)

-will submit portfolio(I have private tutor)


-Passion Project(volunteering local kids by a private art tutor, can't get paid since I'm international----will get rec letters from one of parents)

-possibly volunteering to local puiblic elementary school/preschool/art center, but not sure yet

-artwork got published, national top 10

-art commisioner(student government)

-NHS officer(I don't know what that means; please somebody explain to me)

-NAHS(National Art Honor Society) Historian(will be VP or president at junior/senior year)

-1st violin at a outside of school orchestra(quick question: should I continue?)

Thank you SO MUCH for reading until now!

@rayne.rose2 years ago

What grade are you in?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chae01232 years ago

I'm a rising sophomore!

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