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Do MOCK IGCSE results from year 10 & 11 (grades 9 and 10) matter when applying to American universities?


Or is it only the final IGCSE results that matter? I got my final results and got straight A*s for 9 subjects in the IGCSEs. But, I started IGCSE with mediocre grades. I have an upward trajectory since then and that’s why I earnt straight A*’s for my finals. I thought we were only going to submit our final results but my school will be submitting my FULL high school transcript for all 4 years. Will this impact my application to top universities? I am very worried.


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So, the way it typically works with American colleges is they see your grades for all four years of high school. At least in the U.S., we have a “final course grade” which appears on your transcript as well as certain final exam grades. I am not certain given you are a British student (I assume), but I suspect colleges will see your IGCSE scores from all years that you took them. Do Mock scores count as an actual exam or are they given as just a practice? All you need to do is 1) look at your transcript; whatever is there is what colleges will see when you apply, and 2) figure out whether Mock results are reported/shown to colleges or not. I’m not sure about that, so sorry for my vague answer. Considering you have very strong grades of all A* that is excellent and will reflect on you in a positive light. If you had poor grades in the past yes it will impact your admissions, but I wouldn’t worry too much considering that what really matters is the rigor/intensity of the classes (if you took honors/advanced) and your final grades and cumulative GPA. Good luck!

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