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Can I genuinely get into a good college?

I got 2 Cs my junior year, which significantly brought down my unweighted GPA, but I still really want to a good college. I know I'm smart, and I know I'll do well wherever I go, but I still really want to get into a top school. If I write a really good essay, do I still have a chance of getting in? I don't have that many extracurriculars, other than work experience, and now I'm worried all the work I put into school is going to be a waste if I don't go somewhere good.

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Though GPA is important, it's not everything. Colleges also place a lot of importance on extracurricular activities and what kind of person you are (like your personality). If your essay is really good, and shows off your personality as well as any other special extracurriculars you do, I'm pretty sure you still have a chance of getting into a good school. Also, don't forget that you can use SAT and ACT scores! If you did really well in either one of them, maybe you can use them to make up for your GPA.

I hope you this best of luck! Try not to stress about it too much, I'm sure you'll do great :)

a year ago

Heyy Elyse!

I understand completely how you feel! I'm in the same boat of trying to figure out how to come off competitive to top schools but with little to no extracurriculars :(

1) Set up a meeting with your counselor asap to talk about where you are at currently & what you can do to either change it or make it how you want it.

2) Be generous with yourself! Thousands of seniors from all over the place are in the same situation as you & it is completely normal to feel this way, do not doubt yourself your going to do amazing.

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