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How amazing do your ECs need to be for vet school?

I'm a junior, so this is the year that I'm really thinking about colleges. I have a 3.97 unweighted GPA, have completed 3 APs and many honors classes, and, while I have yet to take the official ACT, my school administered a practice ACT my sophomore year, which I scored a 34 on. I am a strong scholar, and I can write a decent essay, but I somewhat lack in extracurriculars. (Hopefully this doesn't come off as a "chance me" - I'm genuinely just curious about how good your extracurriculars should be for vet school and am using my own as a reference.)

I feel far too insufficient to apply to an Ivy League or art/music school, but I do wonder if my extracurriculars would be enough for me to get accepted into a veterinary program. I founded a club, co-founded one other, and am looking to co-found a third, but my school is particularly small, so this likely isn't as outstanding as it may come across. Other than that, I haven't done much. I've tried out for sports but haven't made it onto a team since 8th grade (though I did win an award from the coaches/school). I've published 150+ articles online (most about dogs) but for a how-to website rather than any sort of newspaper or other publication. I write songs but have yet to publish them. I'm the junior class treasurer in student council this year, but I didn't actually win the election.

I'd like to also volunteer at an animal shelter or clinic; however, I haven't been able to find any local volunteer opportunities as of yet. I've also never owned a pet, so my lack of experience handling animals other than the occasional dogsitting and walking for friends is apparent. Should I even bother applying?

I know I have the grades, but I also know that experience plays a huge part in the application process. Next year (when I'm a senior), I want to apply to a special program that automatically gives you a spot in a DVM program as long as you maintain passing undergrad grades. Is it worth applying, or are my extracurriculars not enough/does my inexperience disqualify me?

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2 years ago

I'm not an expert on vet school, but I do think that your current extracurricular and academic profile make you a great candidate for any academic program. Even if your extracurriculars aren't as "official", they do show leadership and a passion about animal health that will help boost your application. If you are still looking for ways to get involved, I would recommend looking for more virtual opportunities in your area of interest. You could try starting a social media account or blog that focuses on veterinary care or reach out to college professors and researchers to complete a virtual research internship. All in all, your profile certainly does not disqualify you for a vet program, so I would encourage you to apply regardless.

Hope this helps!

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