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What can I do in my freshman year of high school to stand out on college admissions?

Hello! I recently started high school and am trying to keep my grades up. I have tried to be participatory, and I do one sport that I am quite advanced in. I would appreciate if you could help me understand what I could do this year to stand out for college. Thank you!

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Hi there! It's awesome to hear that you are already so ahead for building up your college application, and it seems like you are going the right way.

Entering high school can be intimidating because it feels like all your decisions are weightier. In my opinion, freshman year is the time for you to explore and understand your interests, strengths, and what you feel comfortable with. In this year, I would recommend joining clubs, or even starting your own! Making a new club helps display and build leadership skills, which is great for any individual and also shines on college applications. But just going to club meetings isn’t enough — how you participate in your extracurriculars really matters! As you progress in an extracurricular, you’ll want to show increasing responsibility and commitment. This means creating a plan to establish a leadership position or considering creating your own organization! You want to be able to show concrete results for the time you spent in these extracurriculars.

Some key points that you can focus on are:

1. Building up their high school resume with extracurricular activities

2. Choosing the right courses with upward trend in mind

3. Planning for the summer before sophomore year

4. Creating good habits and developing strong study skills

Here is a link which can help you better understand what you can try to aim for in your freshman year!


And remember, never be scared to ask for help or to talk to counselors, it truly helps a lot! Hopefully this helped! You seem like a really bright student, and I wish you the best of luck!

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While it's important to add extra curricular to your resume, the most important thing is to maintain a good GPA. If your GPAs drop, no matter what extra curricular are on your resume, they don't matter. Colleges screen the applications in this order.


SAT/ACT score

Everything else.

For extra curriculars loo around and participate in your school clubs. Try and position your self for a leadership in your sophomore or junior year. The best way to do that is to get involved in it early, remain active and take initiatives.

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