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What kind of club should I make that would relate to my major?

Hi, I'm a rising sophomore in high school. I'm interested in the medical field, however, I'm not completely sure what major I'm interested in. I've been thinking about pediatrics/other majors related to pediatrics.

Are there any clubs you could suggest to me that I can make, that are related to the medical field/my possible major? Or any extracurriculars that are related to it? (I'm also currently searching for internships at the hospital that I can do after quarantine)

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What kind of club should I make that would relate to my major?

Hello Nicole!

I would suggest founding a HOSA (Future Health Professionals) Club. It's an international student organization recognized by the U.S Department of Education. There are many opportunities to not only serve in a cabinet position at your school but at a national level as well. It would be a phenomenal addition to your resume.

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Thank you!

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Some ECs for you to think about are Science Olympiad, STEM club, HOSA (as already mentioned in another response,) tutoring in Biology, starting a non-profit where all proceeds go to your local hospital or an accredited medical charity, submitting research papers for contests... As long as you can tie it back to your interest in the medical field, anything works as long as you show substantial passion, commitment, and leadership.

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Thank you! Do you think I could maybe start a club such as creating homemade items (ex. Jewelry), selling it and donating those proceeds to a local hospital?

@writergirl06/28/2020 at 08:52PM

No problem! And that sounds like a great idea, I definitely would recommend doing that! :)

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Hello! Maybe try for the The Daily Dosage, it's an online writing blog run by high schoolers who want to pursue medicine. I know they still accept applications for many different writing positions. I recommend checking them out if you like writing, and the easiest way to learn more is through their instagram account.

I made a website for helping students wanting to pursue medicine so check it out if you want more help: