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Advice Appreciated ('21 High School Grad) - What can I do?

It's hard for me to look at my high school credentials without exploding. I finished with a 2.789 UW GPA (2.862 Weighted) and a 31 composite ACT score (25-Math, 32-Science, 32-Reading, 35-English, 8-Writing). The sheer disappointment I had for myself during the last two years of high school on top of the worry and frustration created by Covid-19 led me to make the non-decision of taking a year off. I lost sight of the idea of college as a whole. I've spent the past year just working different jobs, not focused on progressing in any facet of my life.

What can I look forward to? What can I do? What sort of goals should I set?

Sorry for the rambling.

Advice much appreciated.

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Better late than never! Forget about the past and focus on the future. To begin with, you already have a good plan: Go to a community college and then transfer to a four-year university. The pros of this are that you'll get some time to adjust financially and mentally. During your time in community college, your primary focus should be to boost your GPA, because that will matter while transferring, and will help override your high school GPA.

Take advantage of whatever resources are available to you at your community college(career planning, financial advising, etc.)

Hope this helps!

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very good info

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