2 years ago
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When was the peer review system implemented? How legit is it?

I’m just curious about how it works and want to get insights from others about it.

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2 years ago

Hi @Fgkhan04

I don't know when the peer review system started, but I can critique the legitness...

You can submit a scholarship/college essay there. You can also submit the prompt and any specific questions to the form. Then, it will be put into a fillable form for other essay reviewers.

I've only submitted one essay, but from that experience I probably won't do it again... Almost a week ago (6 days to be exact), I submitted an essay for a scholarship competition to be reviewed. The system told me that turnaround time was 4 to 10 hours. Well here I am 6 days later and I STILL haven't received an email, notification, etc. about it... I also posted a question under the juniors community that still hasn't been answered either.

In addition to this, the essay writer can review the essay reviewer out of 5 stars on how well they reviewed the essay. But, the essay reviewer can't see their rating, unless you make it on the leaderboard. I discovered this after completing 5 essay reviews...

All in all, I won't be using the program again, I'll just be here answering and asking questions. But If you'd like to give it a try, I would convince you to, just to see how it goes for another person. For a regular review time essay its 10 karma. For a "speedy" essay review, its 20 karma (I wouldn't hold your breath though).

If you do ever end up trying it, please respond back here on your experience! I would also like more feedback from others just to see how it goes. Good luck!

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