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Tips on getting into Caltech


I am a Canadian student, and it is my goal to get into Caltech.

What are some tips for classes, extracurriculars, and essays?

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13 days ago[edited]

Caltech looks for high GPAs and SAT scores, but here are some helpful things that people often overlook.

Extracurriculars - Having one or two prominent clubs or societies in the top tier personalizes your application while still looking good. Prioritizing just a few clubs helps make your interests and dedication evident.

Focus - Obvious of the name, The California Institute of Technology focuses on sciences and mathematics. Make sure your grades in classes relevant to STEM are high and having some club or volunteer experience in a scientific field helps.

Personality - Your essays and apps are a big way to stand out during applications. Writing good essays is a way to get on their radar. Collegevine has a lot of great stuff for essays. Another way to get their attention Is to apply early decision, which i highly recommend. It gives you a better shot with less competition and shows your confidence and determination.

Plan B - Make sure you have other colleges that you like that have good STEM programs. This will help you if you want to go to Caltech after a few years at another college.

I agree with @Liltrooper that you should watch the collegevine seminar on Caltech, which hopefully can provide more insight.


14 days ago

I recommend that you view the CollegeVine live stream on how to get into CalTech. It's helpful. Just realize that with a 3% admit rate, 97% have to attend another school so have some good backups.



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