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USC Viterbi or IYA

I am a senior from India and have been interested in USC for a long time. I was originally applying to the Viterbi School since I want to major in Computer Science and Business. But I incline design. I have not pursued it professionally, not taken any classes on it, but I have been designing for my school. I make at least 2 posters a month for my school for various school events, I am the Yearbook Creative Head and the school magazine designer. I wanted to know that since I don't have a clear portfolio ready as required by the admissions for the IY Academy's BSc for Business, Tech, and Art program, should I apply for it or will the Viterbi School be a better option for me?

I am an average student, with a 3.4 GPA. I have a 4 in AP CS. International student with considerable EC work.

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5 days ago

Based on your impressive CS-oriented EC list, I recommend applying to USC Viterbi. Having a solid portfolio is essential for admission to programs like IYA's Business, Tech, and Art program, so it would be more worth your effort to apply to the Viterbi school. Once you are accepted to USC, you could take on a Design minor starting your junior year. Hope this helps!

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Can you explain more of your extracurriculars. From what it seems international students will have more overpowering ec´s. International students innately have a disadvantage and there is barely any affirmative action for asians


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